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Never Lose Your Belongings Again!


Morning agenda: Wake up, get dressed, grab a coffee, look for keys & wallet for 10 minutes. I don't know about you, but there's nothing that ruins my day more than losing or misplacing my belongings, especially when my kids throw around my things. We here at iPanda Electronics feel your pain and have brought a new product into our iPanda family in order to make your days run smoother and your stress level lower. Introducing the iPanda Wireless Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker. This tracker can be attached or placed on virtually anything you don't want to misplaced: keys, wallet, bags, pet collar, phone, and even elderly and children! 

The tracker keeps in connection with your smarphone through the app iTracing, and you will be informed when they move out of effective distance range. Just set up and label all your trackers on the iTracing app and once something is misplaced, navigate to the belonging and have the tracker sound off. If it is not within a 75 ft range, you can track it on your phone to see where is is exactly through the GPS and then sound off once you are within range. It also works the other way around, meaning if you misplace your phone, you can find it with the tracker. Another amazing use for the tracker is attaching it to your luggage when traveling. Now you won't have to worry about losing your luggage at airports. Another fun feature of the iPanda Wireless Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker is that it can function as a selfie shutter and voice recorder. So if you're in need of an extra hand when taking selfies or voice recording, it is there for you yet again. Low price, convenience, and reliability, what more can you ask for? Go check this awesome product out now at iPandaElectronics.com

Plug and Share iPanda 4-Port USB Wall Charger

iPanda 4-Port USB 2.0 AC Wall ChargerYou know the deal. You're at school or work and there is never any outlet available for you to charge your phone or tablet. Or you are at an airport with your family and everybody wants to charge their phones but the charging stations are filled. We've been [...]

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Summer 15': The Summer of The Selfie Stick!

But First... Let Me Take a Selfie!We here at iPanda know exactly what's in and what's out at all times. We only offer products that are in and trendy but still usable all year round. The number one thing on our list right now for summer 15' are selfie sticks! Not only are they awesome [...]

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Bluetooth. Wireless. Headphones. 'Nuff Said!

iPanda Toons HeadsetsHey you there? What are you doing?! Are you living your life to the fullest and taking advantage of every minute? Doesn't seem like it to me! While you're holding your phone to your ear with one hand and cooking with the other, I'll be over here using one hand to cook so [...]

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Power to The People!

How many people do you know of who own smartphones? Now how many of them are satisfied with their battery life? Nowadays, if a stranger is approaching me, it is almost never to socialize, like humans should be doing. It is to ask for a charger for their phones, whether it be in work, school, [...]

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Innovative, accommodative, powerful. We are taking your everyday watch to a whole new level!

We here at iPanda know your needs. We strive to create exemplary products which you will be able to make use of everyday. Some of our products solve certain problems you tend to experience during your day-to-day. This is not one of those products. iPanda SmartWatch 2 in black and goldThe iPanda SmartWatch 2 will have [...]

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Comfort and Support are Key to Your Day-to-Day, So Do it Correctly

Picture this, you're running your errands with your shopping bags in both hands and your phone cradled to your neck. By the time you get to your car, your neck is in pain and you threw in all your groceries out of frustration, leaving them scattered all over the car. Or you're working out and [...]

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Bluetooth Speakers and Headsets - Experience Wire Free Living

Everyone has their own taste in music. Whether it be rock, oldies or pop music, people like to listen to music in style. Bluetooth has taken listening to music to new heights, and iPanda Electronics can supply you with the best Bluetooth speakers. We are committed to offering quality products that you want to use, [...]

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Make your Exercise Enjoyable with Workout Headphones

Modern workout attire doesn’t just include shorts and a baggy T-shirt anymore. There is one accessory that is making its way into more gyms and onto more bicycle routes and running tracks—workout headphones.But did you know that listening to music doesn’t just make your workout experience more enjoyable, it also makes it more effective?Psychologists have [...]

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