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Bluetooth Speakers and Headsets - Experience Wire Free Living


Everyone has their own taste in music. Whether it be rock, oldies or pop music, people like to listen to music in style. Bluetooth has taken listening to music to new heights, and iPanda Electronics can supply you with the best Bluetooth speakers. We are committed to offering quality products that you want to use, for reasonable prices.

Music When You Want It

Our iPanda Bluetooth Speaker will allow you to stream music whenever you feel like Listen to music with Bluetooth Speakers and Headsetslistening to some good tunes. It also has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and a FM radio. You can choose from a variety of colors, and you will be able to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Additionally, you will be able to use your flash drive on the built-in USB/SD input if you have music on stored files. The wireless range is 30 feet, and it has 3.5 mm connections for non-Bluetooth enabled devices. It is available in black, red, or white and it is completely wireless, which will make using electronics much easier as well.

Furthermore, our Toons Bluetooth Stereo Headset is also another good choice for wireless electronics, especially if you don’t like traditional headsets. You can place the headsets around your neck and will automatically pair up with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or other device which will allow you to stream music or calls directly.

Moreover, with this device you can listen to music without putting it on your ears, as well as use features like taking calls with call waiting, call rejection and text-to-speech conversion. It’s perfect for when you want to play sports, exercise, or any other physical activities you pursue. Our products allow for more productivity and allows you to be comfortable while doing your work as well. Some of the features include Bluetooth v3.0, and up to 15 hours talk time as well as 10 hours of music playback.

Multitasking with Bluetooth

Our “iPanda Jamz Bluetooth Stereo Headset” can help you work your device while finishing various tasks. It has an SD card reader and charging cable that will help you to power your device in several ways. This will make communicating easier, especially when you’re on the go. Life is complicated and busy, so why not make multitasking simpler? Our stereo headset is available in black, green, blue or red and is characterized with a behind-the-neck design. It also has an FM transmitter, inline microphone and a charging cable. You will be able to pick the color that suits your device, and experience firsthand how convenient our headsets are.

According to the Bluetooth website, Bluetooth technology has the ability to send information from your Personal Area Network at distances up to 100 meters. The website explains that it works in unlicensed industrial, scientific and medical bands using spread spectrums, frequency hopping, and full –duplex signals.

We, at iPanda Electronics are your source for the latest Bluetooth speakers in order to become wire-free with your electronics. Our products can be ordered online, regardless of which website you got it from. Please visit our website to search our inventory or contact us today for more information on our range of consumer products.