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Innovative, accommodative, powerful. We are taking your everyday watch to a whole new level!


We here at iPanda know your needs. We strive to create exemplary products which you will be able to make use of everyday. Some of our products solve certain problems you tend to experience during your day-to-day. This is not one of those products.

iPanda SmartWatch 2 in black and gold
iPanda SmartWatch 2 in black and gold

The iPanda SmartWatch 2 will have a drastic effect on your overall day and will bump up your productivity level significantly.The iPanda SmartWatch 2 will let you access your Android smartphone without taking it out of your pocket. You can even leave your smartphone in a room and still access it from 30 ft away through the watch. This special watch puts all of your favorite phone features right there on your wrist. This not only saves you the time of pulling out your phone (which you almost always forget which pocket you put it in, resulting in the need of a pat-down each time), but it gives you the mobility you always needed. Locket, an app for Android's which tracks the amount of times a day you unlock your phone, has found that an average person pulls out and unlocks their phone about 110 times a day! Just imagine how much time you can save if the features you needed most were accessible right on your wrist all day. You can place and answer calls, look at notifications, and count and track your steps.

Another great thing that differentiates our watch from other affordable smartwatches is the fact that we took it upon ourselves to make them accommodate the needs of our customers. No more Chinese manuals, glitchy apps, or difficult instructions. Connecting your Android to the watch through our app named "iPanda SmartWatch 2" on the Google PlayStore is a breeze. We even have a tutorial on YouTube for those who like a more visual approach. Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3 and you will realize how valuable this product is to your life in minutes.

This watch is ideal for the stylish techie who is looking for the perfect way to quickly message and socialize even when they stepped away from their phones. There are so many amazing features on this watch, you are going to wonder how you have lived without it all your life.