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Power to The People!


How many people do you know of who own smartphones? Now how many of them are satisfied with their battery life? Nowadays, if a stranger is approaching me, it is almost never to socialize, like humans should be doing. It is to ask for a charger for their phones, whether it be in work, school, or any social event. Why is everyone still depending on the conventional outlet charger when there is an amazing alternative on the market that can solve everyones problems?


Portable chargers are the new thing that are here to stay. From small ones that fit in your pocket to heavy-duty ones that can charge your phone entirely more than once, it's a wonder why people are still even using regular chargers when out of their homes. It's simple and powerful. All you have to do is charge the portable charger, just as you would your phone, and then plug your phone into it when its low on juice. Some Portable chargers, like our Credit Card Sized Powerbank, even come with the necessary USB cable attached. This even eliminates the need to carry around a cable! After you plug it in, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the power. Whether you have a long flight or drive ahead of you, you are going shopping, or know you will not be by an outlet long enough, portable chargers are your answer sent from heaven. Buy one today at www.ipandaelectronics.com and return the power to the people!