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Summer 15': The Summer of The Selfie Stick!


But First... Let Me Take a Selfie!

selfie-stickWe here at iPanda know exactly what's in and what's out at all times. We only offer products that are in and trendy but still usable all year round. The number one thing on our list right now for summer 15' are selfie sticks! Not only are they awesome for capturing those beautiful moments of fun under the sun, they are amazing at taking panoramic pictures so nobody ends up left out. Don't you hate when you're the one that ends up being the group photographer? The iPanda Plug N' Snap Selfie Stick will completely solve this problem. You can even plug in your tablet! Now is the time to stop stretching your arms out to their breaking point, trying to get a good quality scenic picture, and invest (if $10 even counts as an investment) in our selfie stick! A picture is worth 1000 words but with our selfie stick it will be worth 1,000,000!